The BC coast is a global treasure. It makes British Columbia beautiful and abundant. Yet, the coast faces many threats–from pollution to loss of salmon habitat to overharvesting. That’s why it’s so hard to believe BC is one of the only coastal regions in North America without a cohesive plan and laws to protect it.

Help inform BC’s Coastal Marine Strategy. Send in your feedback on the Intentions Paper to the government by April 14, 2023.

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Paint the Coast by Numbers

BC is developing a Coastal Marine Strategy with First Nations, who have stewarded the coast for millennia. Once the strategy is coloured in and complete, we’ll all see the ecological, cultural and economic benefits of a healthy coastal marine environment.

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What’s the difference between a Marine Protected Area and Marine Spatial Planning? How do they fit with the Coastal Marine Strategy being co-designed by First Nations and the BC government? Here are the answers in a Paint by Numbers Explainer. Read more 👉 https://blueprintforthecoast.ca/resources/paint-the-coast-by-numbers/

#BCgov released an Intentions Paper setting out the vision for BC's #CoastalMarineStrategy – and now is our chance to provide input!💬 Let's make sure the strategy is as effective as possible. Read our take on the Paper + key concerns to address 👇
https://blueprintforthecoast.ca/resources/the-coast-is-clear-for-a-bc-coastal-marine-strategy/ #bcpoli

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