Turning the Tide Discussion Series

We know that most people care about the well-being of coastal marine ecosystems, but let’s face it, sometimes concepts like provincial strategies and understanding coastal jurisdictions can be intimidating and a little dry. 

We want to break down the barriers to help you connect with the Coastal Marine Strategy, that’s why we launched our Turning the Tide discussion series. These conversations bring in expert panelists to examine major concerns related to coastal conservation. Together, we’ll investigate how the forthcoming Coastal Marine Strategy may help to address these issues, as we advocate for effective and just protection and management.

We hope you enjoy watching!

Turning the Tide on BC’s Marine Pollution Crisis

Plastic debris, contaminated shellfish, and immune-compromised killer whales – it’s no secret that BC is facing a marine pollution crisis. Join us for a panel discussion on marine pollution, as we hear how it impacts water quality, traditional shellfish harvests, and the endangered Southern Resident killer whales.

Featured panelists:

  • Rebecca David, Chief of Pauquachin First Nation
  • Octavio Cruz, Marine Scientific Manager, Pauquachin First Nation
  • Calvin Sandborn KC, Retiring Senior Counsel, UVic Environmental Law Centre
  • Lucero González Ruiz, Biodiversity Campaigner, Georgia Strait Alliance
  • Lucas Harris, Executive Director, Surfrider Foundation Canada

Turning the Tide on BC’s Coastal Habitat Loss

Coastal habitats play a vital role in supporting biodiversity and mitigating the impacts of climate change. Let’s get to know these ecosystems, how they’re being impacted by coastal development, and what we can do to support their revitalization.

Featured panelists:

  • Jacklyn Barrs, Specialist, Ecosystems Restoration, World Wildlife Fund Canada
  • Michael Wolfe, Councillor, City of Richmond
  • Kyla Sheehan, Project Manager of Resilient Coasts for Salmon, Pacific Salmon Foundation
  • Kelly Greene, Parliamentary Secretary for Fisheries and Aquaculture and MLA for Richmond-Steveston

Turning the Tide on BC’s Coastal Law

Have you ever wondered who makes decisions about coastal issues in British Columbia? What laws are in place to protect coastal areas? Or how these laws are falling short on conservation? Let’s talk about how British Columbia’s laws fall short on protecting marine ecosystems and how you can influence change.

Featured panelists:

  • Estella White – ḥin̓ačačišt, Staff Lawyer, West Coast Environmental Law
  • Michael Bissonnette, Staff Lawyer, West Coast Environmental Law

Written by Alicia Elgert, Ocean Conservation Campaigner, CPAWS-BC

Image: Common eelgrass, John Brew